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Almond Books Home Science Study Guide ICSE Class 10
ICSE Home Science Study Guide Class 10

Almond Books ICSE Class 10 Home Science Study Guide (For 2024 Exam)

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Almond Books ICSE Class 10 Home Science Study Guide (For 2024 Exam)

About this book

Mastering ICSE Class 10 Home Science: Comprehensive Study Guide with Notes, MCQs, and Previous Year Questions - Almond Books

Almond Books ICSE Class 10 Home Science guide begins with chapter-wise revision notes that are designed to help you understand the key concepts quickly and effectively. The notes are written in a concise and easy-to-follow format, making them perfect for quick revisions.

In addition to the revision notes, the book also contains a 
fully solved question bank. This question bank includes chapter-wise multiple choice questions (MCQs), important practice questions, school preliminary questions, and previous year board questions. This will help you to assess your understanding of the subject and identify areas that need more attention.

To help you prepare for the Home Science exam in the best possible way, the book also includes 
five sample papers that are fully solved as per the latest exam format. These sample papers will give you a feel for the actual exam and help you understand what to expect on the board exam day.

Furthermore, the book also includes the 
latest official ICSE Specimen Paper's solutions, making it easier for you to understand the question patterns and the marking scheme.

Summary of Contents:

  • Chapter-wise Revision Notes (in-depth notes)
  • Multiple-choice Questions (MCQs)
  • Important Practice Questions (Subjective format)
  • Top ICSE School's Prelim Questions (Lot's of them!)
  • Past ICSE Board Exam Questions
  • Sample Papers (5 Papers)
  • Solutions (Entire book is FULLY SOLVED)

Chapters covered:

  1. Budgeting and Saving
  2. Space Organisation in the Kitchen
  3. Home Furnishing
  4. Milestones of Development
  5. Role of Family, Peer Group and School
  6. Learning Difficulties in Children
  7. Balanced Diet
  8. Meal Planning for the Family
  9. Hygiene Handling and Storage of Food
  10. Selection of Fabrics
  11. Selection of Ready-made Garments
  12. Laundering of Clothes
  13. Social and Economic Terminologies Related to Development
  14. Development Schemes and Programmes in India
  15. Communication Aids

In Summary

SUBJECT Home Science
AUTHOR Almond Books
PUBLISH DATE 2023-03-14
PUBLISHER Almond Books
TYPE OF MATERIAL Printed Book/Paperback

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