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Almond Books, formerly known as Exam18, is a pioneer in introducing innovation and creativity to ICSE books. Our aim is to make the studying experience more enjoyable and less stressful for students. With over 50 successful ICSE study guides, and upcoming textbooks our publications are gaining recognition among both students and teachers for providing engaging learning experiences.

We take a unique approach to publishing ICSE books, which sets us apart from traditional publishing houses like Oswaal, Goyal, and Arihant. While ICSE books by traditional publishers are typically authored by one or two subject matter experts, our ICSE books are written, edited, and reviewed by a group of five to ten teachers, tutors, educators, and cognitive teaching specialists. This ensures that our books are comprehensive, accurate, and reflect the diverse needs of ICSE students.

At Almond Books, we are committed to improving learning outcomes and helping students be more productive in their studies. Our publications are designed to help students balance their academic pursuits with other activities such as sports and hobbies. By choosing Almond Books, students can rest assured that they are receiving the best learning resources to achieve academic excellence.

ICSE Julius Caesar Textbook, ISC Macbeth Textbook, ICSE Creative Writing Skills,Β ICSE Merchant of Venice guide, ICSE Treasure Trove guide, ICSE Home Science guide, ICSE English Writing Skills, and ICSE French are some of the most popular ICSE books published by Almond Books.